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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: "Why are your prices higher than a car wash or other detail places?"
Answer: Unlike other detail shops, our quality of work exceeds the definition of detailing service and perfection. Other places simply fail to provide the customer with the services that are promised. Show Car Detail has been in business since 2006, being open this long is much different than any other detail shop or car wash which only have failure and unsatisfied customers. We take pride in our work and strive daily to go above and beyond our customers expectations. Our customers vehicles are treated as if they are our own; a simple thought process that is never used by any other detail place or car wash. This family owned business makes sure that every customer leaves with a "wow" factor; simply amazed by the quality of work.

Q: "How long does my vehicle take to detail?"
A: Every vehicle is unique and has different needs. Our detail services take 4-6 hours minimum as a result of our extensive detail processes. For more information, contact us at 773-612-1332.

Q: "What does your detail package consist of?"
A: Our interior detail consists of a vacuum, carpet shampooing, plastic cleaning and protecting, headliner cleaning, vent cleaning, full interior sterilization, glass cleaning, leather cleaning and conditioning, under seat cleaning and sterilization and floor mat cleaning. Additionally we include stain removal, which is extra depending on the vehicle, storage areas cleaned (per customer request), trunk area vacuumed and cleaned, and we also offer fabric protection and choice of Little Trees air freshener scents. Along with all of this, every crevice will be cleaned and vacuumed. Our exterior details include a hand wash, iron decontamination/removal, clay bar to remove deeper contaminants on the paint, polishing the paint to bring out the clarity, wet glaze application to provide nutrients to the clear coat, and finally apply a paint sealant to protect your vehicle for up to one year. We also offer scratch removal. The exterior detail also includes a proper glass cleaning, a thorough cleaning of the rims, wheels, wheel wells of the vehicle, and trim if applicable. After the vehicle is detailed, we will go over vehicle after-care one on one with the customer to increase the longevity of the detail service provided. Our hand washes are recommended after this service is provided.

Q: "Do I need to make an appointment if I want a service?"
A: Yes, an appointment is needed because every vehicle takes time and care to leave like a show car every time. Every vehicle is different and requires different steps and processes to make sure the vehicle receives what it needs. If you have any questions, please call

       773-612-1332 or stop by the shop for a estimate. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: Image
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